I co-directed and produced the music for this commercial short with Alex and Dallas from Digital Giant and Tim Damon

Executive Producer: Dallas Carroll
Producer: Dallas Carroll from Digital Giant, Kendra Wester from Damon
Productions/Square Planet Media
Director: Alex Pickup & Dallas Carroll with Reuben Wu
Camera Car and Studio DOP: Tim Damon
Editor: Eron Otcasek
Grading: Reuben Wu, Alex Pickup, Dallas Carroll
Sound Design: Eron Otcasek, Reuben Wu, Digital Giant
Music Score: Reuben Wu with Dallas Carroll
Motion Graphics: Chistoffer Bjerre
Camera Services : Industrial Digital
1st AC: Jeff McCoy
2nd Unit: Reuben Wu, Anthony Dias
Digital Tech: John Rinek, Anthony Dias
Camera Rigger: Keith Sherins,
Remote Control HDRI Camera Operator: Keith Sherins
Special thanks to Caviar Content.
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