Journeying through Andalusia, Spain with 11 different vehicles from the legendary G-Class’ 44-year history, I was commissioned by Mercedes-Benz to capture images for the official 2024 G-Class calendar.

Rather than capturing the G-Class in a somewhat familiar landscape, I wanted to introduce the concept of the “unexplored planet” by photographing the vehicle at night, in remote and unearthly environments, and using my technique of drone-lighting to create uncommon images that have never been seen before.

Each image is a carefully planned composition of subject, environment and light, that took many hours of scouting, testing and shooting into the early hours to tell a whole story in a single frame about each model of the G-Class.

I approach every shoot like an adventure. Amazing locations, fantastic team of people to work with, and a challenge which was not only ambitious, but also incredibly exciting and fun to take on.

Client: Mercedes-Benz
Agency: Team X Worldwide
Executive Producer: Kristina Hicks / IMI Artists
Location Scout and Local Production: Los Locations
Producer: Gavin Harrison
Post Production: Digital Giant
Digital Tech: Jan Gehrke
1st Assistant: Dani Wallwork
Drone Tech: FlyRCVision
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